Jack Williams

Jack Williams

I am a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research working on the Calc Intelligence project. My research interests span user-centered programming language design, developer tools, data science, type systems, and collaborative editing.

I built and maintain the advanced formula environment (AFE), an add-in for Excel.

I helped design and build Calc.ts, the calc engine used by Excel for the web.

I collaborate with the Fluid Framework, helping to design the data-structure backing the Loop table component.

I did my PhD at the University of Edinburgh working with Philip Wadler on contract semantics and gradual typing.

Email: jw ~at~ jackw ~dot~ io

Profiles: github linkedin microsoft research

End-user encounters with lambda abstraction in spreadsheets: Apollo's bow or Achilles' heel? (VL/HCC 2022)

Advait Sarkar, Sruti Srinivasa Ragavan, Jack Williams, and Andrew D. Gordon
To appear

LinkingPark: An automatic semantic table interpretation system (Journal of Web Semantics 2022)

Shuang Chen, Alperen Karaoglu, Carina Negreanu, Tingting Ma, Jin-Ge Yao, Jack Williams, Feng Jiang, Andy Gordon, and Chin-Yew Lin

Rows from Many Sources: Enriching row completions from Wikidata with a pre-trained Language Model (TheWebConf 2022)

Carina Negreanu, Alperen Karaoglu, Jack Williams, Shuang Chen, Daniel Fabian, Andrew Gordon, and Chin-Yew Lin

Where-Provenance for Bidirectional Editing in Spreadsheets (VL/HCC 2021)

Jack Williams and Andrew D. Gordon

LinkingPark: An Integrated Approach for Semantic Table Interpretation (SemTab 2020)

Shuang Chen, Alperen Karaoglu, Carina Negreanu, Tingting Ma, Jin-Ge Yao, Jack Williams, Andy Gordon, and Chin-Yew Lin

Understanding and Inferring Units in Spreadsheets (VL/HCC 2020)

Jack Williams, Carina Negreanu, Andrew D. Gordon, and Advait Sarkar

Higher-Order Spreadsheets with Spilled Arrays (ESOP 2020)

Jack Williams, Nima Joharizadeh, Andrew D. Gordon, and Advait Sarkar
Springer, Extended Version

Gridlets: Reusing Spreadsheet Grids (CHI EA 2020)

Nima Joharizadeh, Advait Sarkar, Jack Williams, and Andy Gordon

Spreadsheet Use and Programming Experience: an Exploratory Survey (CHI EA 2020)

Advait Sarkar, Judith W. Borghouts, Anusha Iyer, Sneha Khullar, Christian Canton, Felienne Hermans, Andy Gordon, Jack Williams

Design and Evaluation of Contracts for Gradual Typing (PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2019)


The Root Cause of Blame: Contracts for Intersection and Union Types (OOPSLA 2018)

Jack Williams, J. Garrett Morris, and Philip Wadler

Mixed Messages: Measuring Conformance and Non-Interference in TypeScript (ECOOP 2017)

Jack Williams, J. Garrett Morris, Philip Wadler, and Jakub Zalewski